Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision and Mentoring

Juliet Kesteven is an experienced clinical supervisor who offers supervision and mentoring on an individual private basis and also under contract to organisations (such as Milton Keynes Council) for the support of their frontline staff and carers.

Clinical supervision is defined as relationship-based education and training that is work-focused and which supports and develops the professional skills of the supervisee. The aim is to offer a confidential reflective space where the practitioner may evaluate his or her work and experience with clients/patients and feel supported and encouraged.

Working with endangered or stressed families takes an emotional toll on the engaged and empathic practitioner and supervision provides a space where the impact of the work may be shared, processed and contained.

Juliet’s experience and knowledge of attachment theory can provide a useful framework for understanding both the impact of clients and service users upon practitioners and also the practitioner’s own responses to the issues presented in their work.

Clinical supervision and mentoring is offered to social workers, occupational therapists and psychologists, most of whom have some knowledge of attachment theory and are using it in their work. Many current supervisees (but not all) have a previous connection with Juliet through training on the Meaning of the Child courses.